Icelandic Overblouse Parade

Sometimes I see a pattern and no matter how many projects are already in progress and how many more are in the queue, I just can’t help but dream of knitting it. Elizabeth Zimmermann’s Icelandic Overblouse pattern from her posthumous book Knit One Knit All  has been knocking around inside the “To Knit Someday Soon” box in my brain for a while now and I wanted to send out some appreciations to the Ravelry knitters whose creativity is part of what makes this pattern so intriguing to me.
Ravelry credits: (Clockwise from upper left) Iwheldrake, erinjd, darkaknits, Mari73 

I love that everyone seems to knit this in a different palate of color and proportion. The combinations are both beautiful and endless. Plus I am a sucker for garter stitch and a Zimmermann lover!
Perhaps once I get through more of my backlog of projects I will have the time to cast this one on but until then I will just troll the Ravelry posts and marvel at the amazing creativity of the knitting community!
Ravelry credits: (Clockwise from upper left) shumes, NigellaL, Pengwenn, OldRaptorFarm
When I first heard of Ravelry my major draw to it was having access to all of those free patterns, which, of course is wonderful, but now I love it for the amazing reference tool that it is. If I want to look up how a particular yarn knits up or a specific pattern I have access to hundreds of examples and reviews by knitters and crocheters of all skill levels! It’s amazing and I cannot say enough good things about it. If you are a needler, or would like to learn, and you aren’t a part of this tremendous online community yet, get your butt onto Ravelry!

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