(tea for two) . an afternoon with Argaman & Defiance

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of spending an  afternoon with one of my favorite Chicago makers, Lydia Crespo of Argaman & Defiance. Lydia’s passion for natural dyes, which she uses to create her incredibly beautiful line of scarves and wearable pieces, is apparent in every inch of her home and studio. Drying lines full of clothes pins cross the expanse of the kitchen and dye room and every surface is alive with drips and splatters of color. Empty dye pots gather under the windows like relics, the dried skins of a red onion or the cracking midnight blue patina of indigo clinging to their interiors.
It was a lovely day spent chatting away over creative challenges and inspirations amid ever-so-slightly steaming pots of indigo and walnut while Lydia moved gracefully from one task to another, stirring, dipping, rinsing, hanging… and I tried to capture the whole process with my camera.
Lydia’s pieces are available online at
Shop for her beautiful pieces alongside other fantastic handmade goods and curated vintage at Dovetail Chicago
Or catch A&D this coming weekend (Oct. 11-12) at
Handmade Market Chicago at the Empty Bottle
Revolution Craft Show at Revolution Brewing
A selection of A&D scarves on display at Dovetail in West Town!


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