Star Mittens

I got started on these star patterned mittens from Scandinavian Snow Sets last week. I love that even the underside of the thumbs are beautifully and simply pattered. And the stranded colorwork makes them so warm. Can’t wait until I have one for each hand!
Luccas likes them too. He, or his sister Indie, insisted on being in every photo I tried to take of this mitten in progress. 

I think I’ll skip making the hat. There is no shortage of knit caps in our trunk of winter woolies. Hats were the first thing I learned to knit and I made the same one more than a few times!

I am knitting these up in a dark, mossy green and a creamy natural colored wool. The cuffs are pleasingly long and tight to keep out the wind and, as I suspected from this vintage pattern, they are significantly smaller in size than might be expected from a “Man’s Mitten.” I used a worsted weight yarn from Cascade and they fit my hands perfectly!

If you want to knit these mittens or the full set just click on this PDF!

And don’t forget to share your knitting on Instagram! Tag me @lakesideneedleworks
or simply add #lakesideneedleworks to your post. Can’t wait to see more of these mittens and caps on everyone’s needles!

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