Simple Project Bag Tutorial

I have so many small projects in progress at the moment. I have been trying to tote them around in a crinkly, awkward shopping bag where they have become hopelessly jumbled.
I thought of my friend Kristina who always uses the cloth bags that come with each pair of Tom’s Shoes to carry around her knitting projects and with my free afternoon I attempted to sew something similar.

The result is this…the most perfectly simple project bag!

It is just the right size for smaller knitting or crochet projects like hats, socks, mittens or even sweater sleeves! This little tote would also make a great travel bag!

All of my fabric and supplies are still boxed up in our storage space. Lucky for me, my aunt sent my mother home from a recent visit with a little stash of fabric! I snagged two large scraps; a rustic, creamy cotton and the pastoral, wintry green and beige print, which I love! I dug out my mother’s sewing machine and scavenged through the kitchen drawers for some unbleached cotton twine to make the drawstrings.

This is a very simple sewing project using odds and ends that you probably already have on hand. Perfect for novice sewers and quick to complete!
And don’t forget to share your creativity by tagging @lakesideneedleworks on Instagram or add #lakesideneedleworks to your post. Can’t wait to see these bags carrying all kinds of great projects!

Large fabric scrap
1 1/2 yards of unbleached cotton twine
Thread to match your fabric
Measuring tape or ruler
Large book or magazine
Sewing machine
Seam ripper
Small safety pin
Step One.
Iron your fabric and lay it out on a flat surface. Fold it over once so that you have a double layer of your fabric, with the right sides together.
Step Two.
Place a large book or magazine squarely on top of your fabric and trace its outline with a sharp pencil, tailors chalk or a disappearing fabric pen.
Step Three.
Using a ruler, mark the fabric to indicate your seam allowances. I gave myself a half inch seam allowance on the sides and bottom but I marked 3/4″ inch for seam allowance along the top edge of the rectangle to give myself enough fabric to create the channel for the drawstring.

Step Four.
Pin the two layers of fabric to one another and cut along the seam allowance lines that you just marked.
Step Five.
Sew the two layers of fabric together, right sides facing. Clip the bottom corners of the bag close to the stitch line.

Step Six.
Iron the side seams open at the top of the bag.
Step Seven.
Fold the top edge of the bag over 1/4″ and press with your iron all the way around. Turn the top edge over again a 1/2″ and press again. You can use pins to hold the folded edge in place.

Step Eight.
Stitch down the top edge close to the fold creating a channel for the drawstring.
Step Nine.
Turn your bag right side out and press.
Step Ten.
Use a seam ripper to cut the stitching above your channel stitches and open up each side seam just a bit.
Step Eleven.
Cut your twine into two equal lengths and tie the end of one length to a small safety pin.
Step Twelve.
Use your fingers to work the safety pin through the channel, out one side and through the other side. Once both ends are sticking out the same side, tie them securely together and start the process again with the other piece of twine starting on the opposite side.
Now fill your bag up with a project and enjoy!

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