At last the Fog pattern that I had begun so many months ago is here! The beret itself has been completed for quite some time but the pattern had been on my back burner throughout our hectic move and a number of life changes…but it is finally ready to be released!

Fog is a classic beret using basic crochet stitches. I learned to crochet long before I had the patience for knitting and although it is not a medium I work in much anymore I still enjoy the ease and portability of crochet. And unlike knitting, I love ripping out stitches in crochet!

The Fog pattern is very simple, employing a basic set of increases and decreases to create the shape and the brim’s subtle spiral design. But this pattern can be a challenge, especially for those of us out of practice with a crochet hook. I have included special instructions for using plenty of stitch markers to keep track of your shaping stitches. Don’t skimp on the markers and you will have a much easier time ensuring that you have created the correct number of stitches throughout.

Please enjoy the pattern for Fog!

Click here for Fog Beret PDF


This is my first pattern released to the needlecraft community and I welcome your feedback!
Leave a comment, send me a Ravelry message, or shoot me an email.
And if make up a Fog beret post a shot on Instagram and tag me @lakesideneedleworks

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