Faye Louise

On July 28th Nick and I welcomed our darling Faye Louise into the world. Labor was the most difficult experience of my life but the moment of seeing my child for the first time and holding her in my arms was pure magic.
Before her birth people kept telling me that I would feel “a love like non other” for the life I had created. I thought I had understood their words but I had missed the point entirely. What I expected to feel was an overwhelming LOVE, but love in the way I had always known it. Love with my self as the central reference point; “I love this person because I feel like {this} when I am with them” or “I love this person because of who they are and the experience we have shared.”  That did not happen. When I looked down at the top of her wet little head all covered in very unexpected brown hair I felt something else entirely, a sensation so alien that it was like “non other.” I was drawn to her like a magnet. Wherever she went my eyes, my awareness, my heart followed, tethered to her beyond rationality. It truly was a love like I had never known and had no context for. Even now I am lost to describe its power.
So I hope you will pardon my absence from blogging these last many months. I have been taking time to get to know my daughter, and mount a new project. I have been able to keep up to date with my Instagram feed so please head on over! @lakesideneedleworks

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