(A cup of tea) . an influx of objects

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Once and a while there is a huge influx of objects into my life from the people around me. It seems like everybody I know cleans out their cupboards and closets all at once and everyone seems to find a garbage bag, a box, or even several boxes full of things they think I will appreciate or find some use for. So many things have made their way into my house this last month and because I’m still feeling completely muddled about the aesthetic choices of our little space I try them all out and then see what I think.

Some things I love. The delicate Booths “Peony” dishes that belonged to my stepfather’s mother with their two kinds of saucers and impossibly shallow bowls, clearly not meant for the enormous amounts of breakfast cereal consumed around here. I love drinking my coffee out of the feather-light tea cups each morning. And the saucers have significantly reduced the amount of coffee I spill on the carpet each morning while I try to keep track of my toddler. My beautiful new/old yellow tea kettle, a recent birthday gift from my mom, has also gotten a lot of use. Nick and I have already set the wooden handle on fire at least once.

Some things I don’t know if I love. The lace curtains, in every room. Some days they make me feel like I’m living in a cozy grandmother’s house and some days I feel like I’m living in a grandmother’s house…

Some things, the specifics of which will go unmentioned due to their gifted nature, I hate. But most people seem to get my style almost better than I do and so I find myself with a lot of tough choices about what to hang onto and what to release back into the thrifting pond. Our place is small. About 800 sq. ft. so there’s not a lot of room for extra anything. The amount of materials I have to have on hand to run Lakeside Needleworks is pretty daunting to store in our tiny footprint. It’s definitely one of the reasons I’m drawn to transitioning away from a production-centered business. I am already storing supplies in every room of the house and there’s no budget for a studio space in the foreseeable future.

Maybe every creative person experiences a push and pull with their aesthetic leanings, although you certainly wouldn’t know it from their beautifully curated Instagram feeds and Pinterest boards… I often feel so torn between the part of me that craves total simplicity and the part of me that is compelled to buy every 1950’s floral duvet that I come across. It’s maddening at times when I look at things I loved yesterday and wonder why I own them today. Especially since I do my best to buy very little and use what I own for as long as I can. I’m finally getting around to the task of decorating our place in earnest (like I’m calling the guys who put in counter tops and getting quotes for new floors) and I feel like the two sides of my taste are in a serious battle. I’m hoping to find middle ground somewhere between minimal loft  and Granny’s cottage. Does such a place exist? Should it? Now googling “minimal granny.”

xo. e

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